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From my first encounter with John I knew I had the right instructor. He was courteous and prompt in responding to my initial enquiries and subsequent messages. He made me feel at ease during my first lessons, (which was no mean feat), with his friendly, calm manner. He was unfailingly patient throughout my lessons with him. He answered all of my queries, pinpointed problematic areas, and took the time to explain things in a way I could understand or relate to. He was particularly helpful in dealing with my many anxieties about driving, encouraging me, but also knowing when I needed a bit of a push. It really helped to build my confidence in my ability to drive. He is very good at making you more relaxed, and I appreciated his sense of humour. I felt that he genuinely wants you to learn to drive well along with passing the test, and his lessons offer real value for money because of his experience and skill as an instructor. If you'd asked me a couple of years ago if I would ever drive, I would have just looked horrified. I am pleased to have come a long way since then, and have a great deal to thank John for. He is a real professional at his job and I would recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive.

Susan Stark

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for your constant support and encouragement over the past ten months. Without it I probable would of given up a long time ago and continued to catch the bus or trains. Being able to drive is just going to open so many doors and improve life all round. Again thank you so much. Will certainly recommend you to anyone who want to learn to drive. Take care, sure I will see you out and about.

Katrina Morgan, Evesham

I would recommend john at Can Do Driving to anyone looking to find an driving instructor who wants a flexible, patient and professional instructor hoping to gain the necessary skills to pass. On a personal note he was a great help to me, giving me advice not only to drive but how to grow as a driver once I'd passed. Yeeehaaa to john and long may it continue

Craig Webb, Evesham

Many thanks for your fab teaching and help. I wish I had come to you first. I would have passed much sooner, saving me a lot of time and money. See you soon in a couple of months for pass plus. Thanks again, Your the best

William Blundell, Evesham

Just a quick note to say thank you for all the time and patience you showed me to help me pass my test first time, would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone. Many thanks once again

Lee Gambier, Honeybourne

John is a Brilliant driving instructor and he taught me very well in quite a short time! I had previous experience driving before learning with John but nothing major. With John's teaching I was able to pass my test in around 3 months! John was a great teacher, very patient, with lots of words of encouragement and most importantly he was easy to get along with! Thanks John for a brilliant learning experience!

Alex Wilson, Dumbleton

I would highly recommend John for his professional teaching, patience, encouragement and support. His dedication to driving to a high standard is well above and beyond the necessary teaching of other instructors. This is more than just a driving lesson, John included numerous worksheets, a helpful cd, and an hour was never rushed or wasted; even when going into his own time. My confidence grew within the first few lessons and I passed first time with only 1 minor which is all credit to John. Many thanks for everything.

Sarah Eliston, Evesham

John is one of the most knowledgeable, professional and patient driving instructors, he has to have been to have taught me. I was a complete novice and struggled, this had soon changed thanks to John because if he hadn't been my instructor I never would have passed the way I was going, he was excellent in everyway and also not intimidating so you feel calm being with him and can actually enjoy his company which I found key when learning. I recommend John ahead of anyone.

Sam Pauly, North Littleton

I cannot praise John enough for the patience and guidance provided by him during the course of my driving lessons. Concentrating on anything for more than 5 minutes has never been my strong point, a strong hindrence when it comes to driving. However, with his helpful tips and extensive knowledge of dealing with learner drivers, I was able to pass my test with only two minors. I honestly believe that without John's tuition I would not have passed my test as quickly and to the standard I did. Thanks again!

Luke Smith, Evesham

John is a awesome driving instructor. I cannot praise him enough. He has patiently guided me through the whole process of driving which, I found the initial prospect quite overwhelming. But within a few lessons my confidence was already building and I feel extremely happy with the level of my driving ability now. As I practiced before my test I became quite stressed and John was able to encourage and calmly talk me through where I was going wrong, leading me to pass my test first time with two minors (somehow). His manner and teaching method really helps to clarify the right way to drive and exactly what you need to do and look out for to be a safe driver. His teaching feels very personal, especially when reminding me how I feel on my bicycle when drivers zoom past and leave me no space! Thanks for everything!

Charlie Hammond, Evesham

I am now enjoying my first years no claims bonus... and its all thanks to John's teaching that I became the driver I am. I can't praise John enough for his professionalism, patience, personality and how he makes you believe you 'can do' it. Thanks for everything John!

David Bendy, Evesham

I heard on the grapevine that John Waters was a great driving instructor, so I gave him a call. The people were not wrong. He was great. Very patient, calm and helpful. I even passed his details on to my sister when she wanted to learn to drive!

Carl Gardiner, Evesham

John was a very helpful and supportive driving instructor. He always made sure I was happy with what I was doing, and making sure there was nothing worrying me regarding the learning process. I was lucky enough to pass first time(obviously I can't guarantee that for everyone!). I certainly couldn't have done it without John's help and would recommend him to anyone.

Sarah Hopkins, Evesham

Learning to drive is quite a daunting experience. As an exceptionally nervous learner driver I used to dread driving lessons so I decided to change instructors upon recommendations from friends. When I had my first lesson with John I was extremely nervous! and for the first time I came away from my lesson with a new found confidence. John has a great deal of patience and sometimes even I lost patience with myself! I was always amazed at how calm and patient he was!. He always had lots of words of encouragement. He helped me build my confidence as a driver and I am eternally greatful for all his help and coaching whilst i was a learner. I would recommend John to anyone especially those who are not very confident drivers as his exceptionally high standard of tutoring has made me the happy, confident driver I am today. So thank you very very much John!

Sam Foster, Evesham

I would highly recommend John Waters, I found John very easy to communicate with, and he was always very patient and friendly. John was very supportive when it came to those critical moments and knew exactly how to keep me focused and calm before taking that all important test! John didn't just teach me to pass my driving test, he taught me how to drive safely and efficiently.

Samantha Bradley, Evesham

John jest profesjonalnym instruktorem nauki jazdy. Jego lekcje prowadzone s± w mi³ej i spokojnej atmosferze. John nie marnuje twojego czasu i twoich pieniêdzy. Polecam go serdecznie, pomimo i¿ jestem Polakiem zda³em za pierwszym razem. John is a professional driving instructor. His driving lessons are conducted in a calm and pleasant atmosphere. John not wasting your time and your money. I recommend him warmly, even though I am Polish, I am passed first time.

Kwiotek Sebastian, Evesham

I just want to say thanks a million for everything you've done for me.I never could have done it without you! John is a fantastic instructor! He is everything an instructor should be. Punctual, calm, relaxing to drive with and very professional. If you make mistakes he highlights them straight away and teaches you the best and easiest way to correct them. Even when I was stressing out right before my test, he calmed me down immensely. I passed my driving test with just 3 minors after learning to drive with John. Thank you so much for my first time pass!!! I would highly recommend Can Do Driving to anyone who wants to learn how to drive. Once again-thank you.

Katarzyna Piecyk, Evesham

My first driving lesson with John was the first time that i had sat in the driving seat of a car, and he had to show me which pedal was which. 9 months later, i passed my test on the first try (i'm not sure who was more surprised, me or him!) John was a great instructor, patient, encouraging and supportive. and the bottom line is, anyone who could teach me to drive is worth a go!

Rose Newman, Evesham

When choosing a driving instructor I was very critical on finding an advanced driver. John fitted this calibre and didn't disappoint. I was able to learn skills quickly but safely, there is never any pressure from John, he makes you feel very confident within yourself. I was determined to pass quickly but I was only put in for my test when both John and I were confident of passing. I passed with 3 minors and went on to completing my pass plus with him also. I would highly recommend John as a driving instructor for anybody.

Roberto Vernaschi, Evesham